Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

By 2050 it is estimated that our planet will have nine billion people.

The world will need to increase food production by 70% in order to meet future demand while simultaneously reducing the environmental impacts by half.


Inform Nutrition Sustainability Policy
Feeding the Future

The team at Inform Nutrition is passionate about and committed to a sustainable future.  We want to help create a healthy planet and feed future generations by improving animal health, performance and welfare, and in the process, ensure as little harm to the planet as possible.

Scientific and technological advances will play an increasingly important role in guaranteeing access to affordable, safe and nutritious food and drink on our planet.

Maximising animal health & Performance

We create unique premixes and feed additives to ensure animal welfare standards are met and animal performance is maximised. We aim to be a global leader in research and development to provide sustainable premixes and feed additives.

70% more food with 50% less gas emissions by 2050

We live in a world with a growing population and limited natural resources. Over the next ten years, the global food and drinks industry will need to transform if it is to meet the demands of a sustainable planet. By 2050, we will need to produce 70% more food with less land, water and energy, whilst also reducing environmental impacts by half.

We ultimately manufacture unique solutions in the form of premixes and feed additives to enhance animal feed and feed the world for a sustainable future.

We aim to be a global leader in providing sustainable premixes and feed additives for animals to ensure there is enough quality food for future generations

Sustainable Farming

Our unique premix and feed additives help to support sustainable farming globally. We are committed to reducing methane emissions in animals through improved gut health and are continuously researching and developing new products that will help the farming community to reduce its impact.

Inform Nutrition Ireland Ltd, is launching a €10,000 annual grant for sustainable farming in Ireland, to encourage farmers to develop innovations on the farm that support sustainability, animal well-being and lifetime productivity.  Inform Nutrition is also working with Teagasc, the Irish agriculture and food development authority, on a project to further reduce methane emissions in animals.

Our Green Commitment

Inform Nutrition is working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  We are members of Repak, who lead the recycling and sustainability of Ireland’s packaging waste, advocate for a new circular economy and educate businesses and consumers on reducing and recycling packaging waste.


We will continue to drive attention and awareness of the difference we can make working individually or collectively to meet our environmental sustainability goals and to enact positive change with our colleagues, suppliers and customers.  To support pro-environmental behaviour and attitudes within our organisation, we offer in-house sustainability events and training opportunities.

Car Charging Stations

Inform Nutrition has installed car charging stations at our facilities to encourage staff to go green and allow for the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles to our fleet.  Both of our Directors have purchased Hybrid cars to lead the change.

Sustainability Taskforce

Our sustainability task force will continue to develop sustainability goals for our organisation.