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Spring Tips

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February 2016 | Spring Tips

Reducing the risk of SARA and Magnesium Deficiency SARA (sub-acute ruminal acidosis) is a common problem during the grazing season. The problem is particularly seen after the first rotation where grass is lush and wet. Grazing 12 hour blocks increases the risk of SARA. Where SARA is present diarrhoea is seen and coats appear dirty. Some individual cows are often more severely effected and appear depressed and have poor rumen fill. Cow will sometimes be seen eating stones or licking clay (Pica), classically confused by many farmers with phosphorus efficiency. Where SARA is present feed intake is reduced, and the overall digestibility of the diet is affected.

This manifest itself in the cow losing body condition. Milk production particularly milk solids (fat and protein) are effected. An increase in lameness may also be seen. May and June are high risk period for SARA but this is also during the breeding period where we want to be maximising energy intake and see an increase in cow body condition. Inform Nutrition have developed Rumbuff & Rumbuff + Yeast to support rumen function and reduce the risk of SARA during this critical period. Rumbuff contains a range of buffers with added yeast to stabilise rumen pH, support feed intake, body condition and production.
Rumbuff has many properties, which make it the only and obvious choice for inclusion in feeds where a buffering agent is desirable.
Rumbuff is ideal for:
• High starch diets and Spring / Summer Grazing, where Sugar levels are high in Grass leading to S A R A which will effect Milk Yield and Butter Fat Levels.
• Supporting the control of Sub Acute Ruminal Acidois (SARA)
• Low quality silage or lush green grass
• High cereal diets
• Cows that are cud coughing
• Where high feed intakes are required
Acid consuming capacity of a buffer can be measured in meq/gram. This indicates how strong or weak it is in that respect. In the past Sodium Bicarbonate has been widely used. It has an acid consuming capacity of 12 meq/gram. Rumbuff has an acid consuming capacity of 24 meq/gram.

The product is formulated to give a prolonged effect. This is achieved through variations in particle size and the use of a variety of buffering materials. The high acid consuming capacity of the Rumbuff makes it very attractive to the compounder. In a nutshell, 1 KG of Rumbuff has the same acid neutralising capacity as 2 KGs of Sodium Bicarbonate.


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