Eric Jennings farms with his wife in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. Together they farm approximately 58 British Friesian dairy cows and 44 calves, producing an average yield of 5,500 Litres per year. Eric calves down in spring and has 10 % of his herd left to calf.

The Jennings, who have been farming for 30 years know what it is like to experience hardship on farm with issues of nutritional diarrhoea. Based on their past experiences, they understand the value of placing a lot of importance on calf health to ensure that their calves have the best start in life.


Alan Hughes farms in Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow. On farm, Alan farms 186 milking cows which produce 520kg of milk solids per cow per year and 5,500 litres in yield on a grass base.

From first-hand experience Alan understands the importance of ensuring that his herd has the correct nutrients and minerals. Having such a large and diverse herd of dairy cows Alan places great emphasise on cow health in order to try and prevent disease.


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 Dairy Farmer Michael Nolan farms 110 Holstein cows in Coolnamara, Borris, Co Carlow.  On farm Michael runs a high yielding herd producing over 700kg of milk solids per year. Michael calves down 40% in Autumn and a further 60% in Spring as he is in winter milk.

Running a high yielding herd of Holstein cows requires a lot of care and attention. A great amount of importance is placed on the cow and their nutrition. It is vital that the nutrition that is lost through the calving process is replaced immediately after calving. Michael has learnt from first-hand experience that if the minerals are not adequately replaced after calving everything can be affected from the immune system to the fertility of the cow.


Muradach Coultry, farms 160 acres in Corbed, Killala, Co.Mayo. On Farm Muradach farms a herd of 70 Holstein Friesian milking cows and 70 calves which he rears for beef.

Having a herd with young calves requires a lot of attention to ensure disease and sickness is prevented. With this in mind Muradach began using MILGUARD PLUS in 2016 as a support in order to try and combat diseases.


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Noonan Agri Contractors Ltd are based in Conna, Co. Cork. Maurice Noonan (Moss) started the contracting business in 1970. His sons Padraig and Seamus run the business now with 5 full time workers with Moss still involved as well. They contract work approximately 15km radius of their successful tillage farm in Conna. Contracting duties include harvesting silage and maize, reseeding, slurry spreading, combining crops and crimping over 1,000 ton of grain per year.


Brendan Hickey farms in Millbrook, Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny with his father Tom. Together, they farm approximately 90 dairy cows producing an average yield of 7,000 litres of milk per year. On farm, all male calves are reared for beef, while, also rearing their own replacement cows.

Producing a good quality silage is important to Brendan as it is the mainstay of his winter-feeding requirements. Therefore, a lot of work goes in to ensuring he has an excellent crop of quality silage to feed his replacement stock and finishing animals on farm.

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Pat Higgins farms with his son Liam in Tinegeragh, Watergrasshill, Cork. Together, they farm 119 calves and 133 cows, producing 520kg of milk solids per cow per year. The primary supplier for this farm’s liquid milk is Glanbia.

Having a herd that includes a significant amount of calves requires a lot of attention to be placed on calf nutrition and calf health. This is particularly important from day one of a calf’s life to guarantee the calf has the best start in life. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that preventive measures are in place in order to combat diseases. Pat places great emphasise on calf health and the results of this are quite evident on the Higgins farm in Co Cork.


John Cunnane farms 160 acres, with his son in law Kevin Niland in Cashels, Aughamore, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.  John and Kevin have 60 pure breed Holsteins which they milk all year round.

John calves down 40% in Autumn and a further 60% in Spring of which he holds onto 10-15% for his replacement heifers.

Christopher White-Headstart Pre Calver

Christopher White farms on approximately 100 acres in Ring Commons, Ballbriggan, Co Dublin. On Farm Christopher farms a herd of approximately 35 suckler cows, a small number of PureBred Angus cattle and 100 breeding Ewes. Alongside these herds and breading ewes he also breeds pure-bred Simmental cattle as well as some cross-bred Commercial stock. As most of his herd is Pure-bred Simmental Christopher has won several awards and shows over the years.

Tom Martyn- Resprion

Tom Martyn farms approximately 40 British Friesian dairy cows, 40 yearlings and 40 calves on 100 acres at Keernan, Headford, Co. Galway.
Having a herd which includes a lot of young cattle, yearlings and calves requires a significant amount of care and attention in order to prevent sickness and disease. This is particularly important coming into the winter months. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that preventive measures are in place in order to combat diseases.

Declan Murphy farms in Effin, Kilmallock, Co, Limerick alongside his wife Eileen and son Kieran. Together, they farm approximately 125 Holstein Friesian milking cows producing an average yield of 7,700 litres.

On farm, producing a crop of good quality silage is extremely important to maintain, especially as silage can be expensive. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that minimal waste is produced.

Michael Freeney, the third generation farming 180 acres at Derrydonnell, Oranmore, Co Galway. Michael along with his father Jackie farm approximately 100 pedigree Holstein dairy cows.  Of these, 80 cows constantly produce an average 305 Day lactation, producing 9,000 Litres of milk, 3.89% butter fat and 3.24% Protein. The primary market for this farm’s produce is the Galway liquid milk market.

Padraig Óg Mulligan, is the second of three generations farming on their 900 acres in Corkamore, Templeboy, Co. Sligo. Padraig Óg along with his father Padraig Senior and his sons Kyle and Callum have 730 cows on their farm with 690 milking. They calve about 180 in Autumn and a further 550 in Spring each year. Of these 300 are replacement heifers for sale and keeping the remainder.

John Walsh, pictured with his 2 sons, Sean and Fergal, is supplying Barryroe Coop in West Cork and is milking 250 cows. John grows about 16 acres of Maize every year to compliment the cow’s diet for his spring calving herd. 

“I find SilaSave very good at helping to preserve the top of the pit and sides of my Maize pit. In particular, I found that after opening the pit the top and sides of the pit stayed preserved for longer”.

Caroline Walsh farms near Ballinascarthy, outside Clonakilty in West Cork along with her husband Joe. Joe and his father Patrick also run a busy agricultural contracting business out of the farm. Her herd is currently 64 dairy cows with 100% Spring calving with 12 replacement stock reared on the farm this year.

Michael Kissane farms in Baslicon, Waterville, Co. Kerry in partnership with his son Fionán. Together they have 120 Suckler cows and 300 ewes on their mixed highland and lowland 457-acre farm. The cows are mostly ¾ bred limousin and they are run with pedigree limousin and charolais bulls. Michael’s cows calve in July-August with great fertility in the herd.