Milkshake C-Guard Testimonial

Milkshake C-Guard Testimonial

“Not one sick calf since using Milkshake C-Guard”, Pat and Liam Higgins, Tinegeragh, Watergrasshill, Cork. 

Milkshake C-guard Testimonial

Pat Higgins farms with his son Liam in Tinegeragh, Watergrasshill, Cork. Together, they farm 119 calves and 133 cows, producing 520kg of milk solids per cow per year. The primary supplier for this farm’s liquid milk is Glanbia.

Having a herd that includes a significant amount of calves requires a lot of attention to be placed on calf nutrition and calf health. This is particularly important from day one of a calf’s life to guarantee the calf has the best start in life. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that preventive measures are in place in order to combat diseases. Pat places great emphasise on calf health and the results of this are quite evident on the Higgins farm in Co Cork.

Sam Sweetnam from Inform Nutrition met with Pat and Liam recently to discuss their use of Milkshake C-Guard on farm. The Higgins have been using Milkshake C-Guard for 2 years. At the start of calving season last year Pat had persistent problems with several types of sour. “Last year we had every type of sour imaginable, it was pure hardship’. Midway through the season they started using Milkshake C-Guard and saw a dramatic reduction in the number of cases of sour commenting that he “hasn’t touched a calf since we started using Milkshake C- Guard”. From the start of the season this year Pat has used Milkshake C-Guard from the first calf born onwards and “has not had one sick calf since.”

On farm, Pat has been calving for 45 days with 10% of the herd left to calf. He has used Milkshake C-Guard from the first calf born this year and with only 14 cows left to calf he has not seen one case of scour.

Milkshake C-Guard is a unique blend of plant extracts and essential oils including Rosemary, Oregano and Garlic which has been developed by Mervue Laboratories.  These elements are widely known for their beneficial properties. Milkshake C-Guard’s trademark blend of natural organic acids improves the digestibility of milks so there are more nutrients available for growth and is also a natural support for the natural management of gut health.

Sam Sweetnam added, “ We have had great feedback from a lot of farmers who are using Milkshake C-Guard but it is great to get out on the farm and see first-hand the results Milkshake C- Guard can have in supporting and maintaining calf health.”


For further information and stockists in your area please contact our nutritionists:

  • Kevin Conroy – Connacht – 083 159 1892
  • Liam Lacey – Leinster – 086 770 2570
  • Tom O Dwyer – Munster – 086 855 0759

Milkshake C-Guard

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