Milkshake Testimonial

Milkshake Testimonial

“Using Milkshake for 15 years- We wouldn’t rear a calf without it!”-  Eric Jennings Co. Cork farmer!


Eric Jennings farms with his wife in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. Together they farm approximately 58 British Friesian dairy cows and 44 calves, producing an average yield of 5,500 Litres per year. Eric calves down in spring and has 10 % of his herd left to calf.

The Jennings, who have been farming for 30 years know what it is like to experience hardship on farm with issues of nutritional diarrhoea. Based on their past experiences, they understand the value of placing a lot of importance on calf health to ensure that their calves have the best start in life.

Sam Sweetnam from Inform Nutrition met with Eric recently to discuss his use of Milkshake on farm. Before using Milkshake, Eric had many issues with scouring calves on farm and was using a lot of electrolytes in order to try and combat this issue. Since switching to Milkshake over 15 years ago Eric has had no issues of nutritional diarrhoea on farm and it has really taken the hardship out of calf rearing. Eric and his wife both agree that they wouldn’t rear a calf without Milkshake. From using Milkshake for many years Eric states that you can “see the difference and shine in the calves coats from day 1 of feed.”

Milkshake is an additive for milk or milk replacer to support the health of the calf and aid the digestion of milk through increased immunity digestive enzyme activity in the calf.

Milkshake is equipped with extra minerals and trace elements and anti-diarrhoea factors which boosts the gut health of the calf and improves growth rates.

Sam Sweetnam adds that the “The Milkshake range naturally supports the reduction of nutritional diarrhoea in calves. As calf rearing is a particularly stressful time of year on farms it important to have a great product that farmers can rely on to assistant with calf health.”



February 2021: 


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