SilaSave Testimonial

SilaSave Testimonial


Michael Freeney, the third generation farming 180 acres at Derrydonnell, Oranmore, Co Galway. Michael along with his father Jackie farm approximately 100 pedigree Holstein dairy cows.  Of these, 80 cows constantly produce an average 305 Day lactation, producing 9,000 Litres of milk, 3.89% butter fat and 3.24% Protein. The primary market for this farm’s produce is the Galway liquid milk market.

The Freeney family also attend various shows with their pedigree Holstein dairy cows such as Emerald Expo, Millstreet Dairy show and the YMA show finals in Kilkenny. Mark Eagles, Arrabawn Co-op, Athenry added that “It is interesting to note that replacement heifers from the Freeney Farm are regularly in great demand by Northern Ireland Dairy farmers, with Carnaross Mart frequently selling as many replacement heifers that Michael has to offer – This is a testimony to the attention to detail that is exercised on the Freeney farm to produce top quality produce, be it milk or replacement heifers.”

Michael puts great emphasis on quality breeding, nutrition and animal health. The result of this is quite evident on the Freeney farm. Taking these factors into consideration it is vital to produce good quality silage that can be fed to his pedigree Holstein dairy cows.

Kevin Conroy from Inform Nutrition met with Michael Freeney recently to discuss his use of SilaSave on farm.  “I use SilaSave on all my Silage cuts before covering and I don’t have one grab of waste Silage from the whole clamp all through the feeding period – This saves so much time and expensive feed. I have been using SilaSave for 10 years now and will certainly continue to use the product giving the below results”

Michael detailed the efforts taken to achieve quality Silage. There are 3 cuts of Silage taken each year – Michael outlines the following analysis for each of the three cuts in 2018.

1st Cut – DMD = 75% at 35% D M

2nd Cut – DMD = 74% at 28% D M

3rd Cut – DMD = 72% at 22% D M

These results are very impressive and certainly reduced the litre cost of production significantly.

For all the three cuts of Silage Michael uses an inoculant silage additive along with Inform Nutrition’s SilaSave. SilaSave is applied to the top, sides and front of the clamp after rolling, just before the plastic cover is put in place. This protocol results in minimal pit losses of valuable feed.

Kevin Conroy of Inform Nutrition added “with many silage clamps there is significant reduction in the height of the clamps after ensiling. This signifies that spoilage has occurred with at least the top 6 inches of a silage clamp, if steps are not taken to prevent it. Losses at the face of a silo, particularly when there is no barrier in place, can also be an issue. This can be prevented by applying SilaSave to the front few feet of the clamp as it is being built up.”

SilaSave is a unique silage surface protector manufactured and produced by Inform Nutrition Ireland. SilaSave lowers the Ph of the silage ensuring better preservation while at the same time reducing aerobic spoilage or losses dramatically through the action of its unique blend of mould inhibitors.

Kevin further added “With an average 30ftx50ft clamp, spoilage can amount to total forage losses of around 50 tonnes. This represents a financial loss of approximately €1,250 to the farmer involved. This excludes the extra time and labour required to remove the waste from the pit.”

SilaSave is a proven product in Ireland and Europe. Demand continues to grow, especially as costs associated with silage-making keep increasing.

“Rolled back cover to add in second cut. No mould or bad silage.”

Help protect against Silage waste this year with SilaSave!

  • Liam Lacey – Leinster – 086 770 2570
  • Kevin Conroy – Connacht – 083 159 1892 
  • Tom O Dwyer – Munster – 086 855 0759
  • Robert Mollan Eringold Enterprises, N. Ireland – 07770 77 5 212 
  • Chris Mollan Eringold Enterprises, N. Ireland – 07739 06 1 672
  • Liam Lacey – Leinster – 086 770 2570
  • Kevin Conroy – Connacht – 083 159 1892
  • Tom O Dwyer – Munster – 086 855 0759

Declan Murphy farms in Effin, Kilmallock, Co, Limerick alongside his wife Eileen and son Kieran. Together, they farm approximately 125 Holstein Friesian milking cows producing an average yield of 7,700 litres.

On farm, producing a crop of good quality silage is extremely important to maintain, especially as silage can be expensive. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that minimal waste is produced.


Brendan Hickey farms in Millbrook, Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny with his father Tom. Together, they farm approximately 90 dairy cows producing an average yield of 7,000 litres of milk per year. On farm, all male calves are reared for beef, while, also rearing their own replacement cows.

Producing a good quality silage is important to Brendan as it is the mainstay of his winter-feeding requirements. Therefore, a lot of work goes in to ensuring he has an excellent crop of quality silage to feed his replacement stock and finishing animals on farm.