HP Precalver Mineral Bag Testimonial

HP Precalver Mineral Bag Testimonial

 Impressive results using HP Precalver mineral bag for Co. Carlow farmer!


Alan Hughes farms in Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow. On farm, Alan farms 186 milking cows which produce 520kg of milk solids per cow per year and 5,500 litres in yield on a grass base.

From first-hand experience Alan understands the importance of ensuring that his herd has the correct nutrients and minerals. Having such a large and diverse herd of dairy cows Alan places great emphasise on cow health in order to try and prevent disease.

Liam Lacey from Inform Nutrition met with Alan Nolan to discuss his use of HP Precalver mineral bag.  In the past Alan had a lot of ongoing health issues on farm such as, subclinical milk fever and retained placentas.  He said that “one year, held cleanings really caused us a lot of problems, it was a nightmare for the farm”.  Alan, who had been using Milkshake for years decided to seek advice from Inform Nutrition Ireland on this issue. After an on farm visit from Martin Beirne, Technical Director and Des Cronin, Head nutritionist, HP mineral bag was recommended. Impressed with the onsite visit and service, Alan started using Inform Nutrition’s HP mineral bag and since using this precalver he has “never had any issues and has seen very good results on farm.”

Confident in this product Alan also recommended HP mineral bag to two other farmers who were in his discussion group. They seemed to be having similar issues and like Alan these farmers were “very impressed with the results” and continue to use HP mineral bag on farm.

HP Precalver mineral bag provides with nutrients for both the un-born calf and cow. HP Precalver is formulated to support the cow and calf in the latter parts of gestation, the cow at calving and to ensure the birth of healthy vigorous calves. This period greatly impacts the calf’s health survivability and long term performance. HP Precalver also provides nutrients essential to production of good quality colostrum.

Liam Lacey further added “Alan is extremely satisfied with the results he has received from using HP Precalver mineral bag and will continue to use this product in the future as he continues to grow his herd.”


For further information and stockists in your area please contact our nutritionists:

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