MilkGuard Plus Testimonial

MilkGuard Plus Testimonial

Healthier calves from the start of the season with MilkGuard Plus

Padraig Óg Mulligan, is the second of three generations farming on their 900 acres in Corkamore, Templeboy, Co. Sligo. Padraig Óg along with his father Padraig Senior and his sons Kyle and Callum have 730 cows on their farm with 690 milking. They calve about 180 in Autumn and a further 550 in Spring each year. Of these 300 are replacement heifers for sale and keeping the remainder.


Padraig Óg was feeding Inform Nutrition’s Milkshake to his calves for years with great results in the decrease of nutritional scour and increased growth rates. However last year he had a persistent problem on the farm with crypto and cocci. Having treated the active cases and taken veterinary and nutritional advice they began using MilkGuard Plus from their local Aurivo Store.


MilkGuard Plus is a unique blend of vitamins and minerals with the proven whole milk and milk replacer additive formulation and the added benefit of the trademarked C-Guard. C-Guard is a blend of essential oils; Oregano, Garlic and Rosemary, which are widely known for their beneficial health properties. C-Guard’s unique blend of natural organic acids improves the digestibility of milks so there are more nutrients available for growth.


Since using MilkGuard Plus Padraig Óg found that instances of crypto have completely disappeared on his farm and the cocci cases have dramatically decreased. Padraig Óg has started this season using MilkGuard Plus again as a preventative support for calf health and is already seeing the effect of this in his calves with the reduction of nutritional sour and increased growth rates.


Inform Nutrition’s Kevin Conroy added, “We have had great feedback from a lot of farmers who are using MilkGuard Plus in the region and it is great to get out on farm see first-hand the results that MilkGuard Plus can support in maintaining calf health and thrive.”


For any more information on MilkGuard Plus, or the Mervue Laboratories range of products to naturally support calf health please contact your local Inform Nutrition Technical sales manager:

Kevin Conroy – Connacht – 083 159 1892 

Liam Lacey – Leinster – 086 770 2570

Tom O Dwyer – Munster – 086 855 0759

Robert Mollan Eringold Enterprises, N. Ireland – 07770 77 5 212 

Chris Mollan Eringold Enterprises, N. Ireland – 07739 06 1 672

MilkGuard Testimonial

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