Complementary liquid mineral feedingstuff for lactating cows & cattle for the long term supply of trace elements.

Chelated Copper
– Promoting oestrus
– Improving conception rates
– Improving energy utilisation

– Promoting good hoof condition
– Supporting good udder health and lowering cell counts
– Supporting immunity


Enhancing anti oxidative status which supports the immune function and fertility. In terms of reproduction selenium’s main action is to protect the developing embryo from oxidative damage which can result in embryo death.

HOW TO: Set up Compsey Dispenser for LiquiTrace


Iodine levels are poor in grass and even lower in maize and whole crop. Therefore iodine needs to be provided almost every day. Calves born to iodine-deficient cows may be stillborn, with goitre and areas of alopecia and subcutaneous oedema. Weak calves are unwilling to suck causing high perinatal mortality. As with selenium, iodine deficiency has also been implicated in poor growth rates, poor milk production and retained placenta.


Important for fertility, notably ovulation and development of the embryo in its early stages. Most recently manganese has been shown to have a protective role for the embryo in the early stages of cell division.


Supports Energy Metabolism, appetite and thrive.