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Mervue Laboratories and Inform Nutrition proud to be on call for Ireland
Mervue Laboratories and Inform Nutrition proud to be on call for Ireland
By Inform In News Posted March 26, 2020 0 Comments

Hand Sanitiser bottlesInform Nutrition and Mervue Laboratories partner with Jameson Distillery to answer Irelands Call to provide the HSE with large scale quantities of Alcohol Hand sanitizing Gel.

When Inform Nutrition and Mervue Laboratories Director,  William Twomey called into his local pharmacy and got talking to Cork Pharmacist, Ciaran O’Sullivan about the COVID-19 crisis, Ciaran told William of the worldwide shortage of Sanitising Hand Gel. Ciaran was very concerned that lives would be lost as there is a global shortage of Hand Gel.  Pharmacies and stores weren’t able to get any but more importantly, stocks are dwindling fast for front line staff.  Countries were shutting down their borders and keeping the stocks and raw materials need to make it for themselves.

Hand Sanitiser Manufacture, CorkWilliam decided to divert our team and normal manufacturing business in Inform Nutrition and Mervue Laboratories to use our production facilities and resources to tackle the worldwide shortage of Hand Sanitising Gel. We commenced production of hand gel last week and today, Wednesday 25th March, saw our 100,000th bottle coming off the line and heading for the front lines.

William said “Mervue Laboratories are using the production facilities of our Whitescross and Watergrasshill factories to produce hand sanitising gels. We have diverted staff from normal business which we have put on hold in the national interest in order to meet the unprecedented demand and the requirements of the HSE and the amazing front line staff.”

Ciaran O’Sullivan said “Hand sanitiser is in short supply around the world because of the pandemic and it is fantastic that two Cork-based companies have come together to help our very strained health system.  Hand sanitiser is essential for our health services as provided it is made of 60% alcohol it can be effective in killing off the virus.  It is essential it is available in large quantities for frontline staff in order to protect them and help save lives.”

One of the key ingredients of hand sanitizing Gel is alcohol. Mervue Laboratories have partnered with Irish Distillers (manufacturers of Jameson and Powers Whiskey) based in Middleton. The team in Irish Distillers in Middleton came on board and offered to provide large-scale quantities of alcohol free of charge in order to get supplies to the HSE asap and to support the government in the fight against coronavirus.

It was the perfect match of a local Irish company and multinational based in Cork working together in the time of unprecedented circumstances.

In combination with the procurement team in the HSE and the Department of Agriculture, we in Mervue Laboratories and Irish Distillers have worked tirelessly over the last week to make things happen.

This has been a real team effort of people who care for their country and want to do what we can at a time of national crisis.  Showing what is really possible when people with a passion come together to solve a problem and do the right thing.  We hope our contribution will help the amazing teams in front line services in our health services.  We have such respect for the amazing frontline and support staff in the HSE who are working tirelessly to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and who have reached out to us in industry and made this initiative possible. 

We in Inform Nutrition and Mervue Laboratories are proud to be on call for Ireland.

We are currently receiving a large volume of calls from various business and organisations to purchase hand sanitising gel but both Inform and Mervue will only be focusing on fulfilling our duty to frontline healthcare workers, initially.

We are committed to creating additional capacity in the production of alcohol gel and when we can achieve this, we will be able to start supplying other business and organisations.

For any enquiries about Hand Sanitiser, we ask you not to phone the office as the volume of calls is too great but please contact us using our online form or email and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

Thank you.

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